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Discovered at a Walgreens in Washington D.C. (?!) Because some days you just need a one stop shop to get cotton balls, nail polish, and … succulents.

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  Sedum Donkey Tail ‘Burrito’ Crassula Jade Gollum aka ET fingers Haworthia Fasciata Zebra Purple Echeveria Sedum Capo Blanco Echeveria Pulidonis Senecio Rowleyanus ‘String of Pearls’ Crassula Ovata, Jade

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Blue Mystique Phalaenopsis

Although the orchid purist may turn up their nose, these manipulated blue/white beauties are fascinating with beastly blooms. They are incredibly difficult for me to take care of. My first orchid died, and the second is struggling along; neither rebloomed. “According to the grower, the blue color comes from a patented process that takes between […]

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