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Fishers Island Telephone Directory

The original cover design had fallen through for the 2013-2014 FI telephone directory; I happened to be in Connecticut one Saturday when I offered to put something together. I fortunately had a copy of Photoshop and a few typefaces on hand, in addition to access of some classic Fishers Island academic images. The main photograph features the Fishers Island School circa 1920, with photographs of the 1949 high school cheerleaders, the 1949 high school basketball team, and the first high school football team (1936) on the back.

Fishers Island is somewhat of a sentimental place to me as I had resided there many summers as part of the Suffolk County Mosquito Control. At nine miles long and only a mile at its greatest width, the New York island is peppered with rolling golf hills, majestic structures and isolated beaches, ribboned together with the most believable ghost legends.

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